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Trimble Business Center

TBC VersionRPS Command Library VersionTML Commands Python Version
Current Versionv20242023.11v3.X
Previous Versionv5.90.X2023v3.X
Legacy Versionsv5.80.X 5.81 v2.X
fffv5.70.X 5.81 v2.X
fffv5.60.X 5.81 v2.X
fffv5.52 5.81 v2.X
fffv5.41 5.81v2.X

Version Compatibility

TBC VersionRPS Command Library Version
Current Version20232023
v3.X of Python TML Commands
Previous Versionv5.90.Xv5.91
v3.X of Python TML Commands
Legacy Versionsv5.80.X v5.81
v2.X of Python TML Commandsv5.70.X
*RPS v5.81 will only run on the TBC Legacy versions in highlighted in gray.v5.60.X

Please install the correct version of RPS Command Library for your version of TBC.

To find the version of TBC you are using, click the About command in the TBC Support Menu.

To check your TBC License configuration, click the License Manager command in the TBC Support Menu .

TBC Downloads

The links below provide quick access to the download locations for Trimble Business Center versions. Rockpile Solutions recommends using the offline download.

TML Command Use in TBC

To run TML Commands in TBC you will require a TBC License that includes the Survey Advanced Module – The base versions of TBC that meet this criteria are:

Perpetual / USB License
Survey Advanced Edition
Subscription License:
Site & Field Subscription
For new users, Rockpile Solutions recommends the subscription versions of Trimble Business Center.


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