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RPS Rock Deck Configuration for the Elgato Stream Deck XL

Rockpile Solutions is pleased to announce the incorporation of the Elgato Stream Deck XL into our portfolio of productivity-boosting solutions for Trimble Business Center users.

The Stream Deck device provides a customizable 32 key multi page keyboard that has been specially configured by our development team to create the Rock Deck configuration, optimized for Heavy Civil contractors doing Takeoffs for Estimating and 3D Models for Machine Control.


All Work Process command functions are only 1 or 2 clicks away no matter where you are in the Stream Deck.

This interface:

  • Aids learning TBC workflows
  • Makes TBC faster and simpler to use
  • Increases your personal productivity
  • Eliminates the use of menus, Toolbars and Shortcuts
  • Increases screen real estate
  • Provides an optimized data entry keyboard for keying in coordinates, elevations, station and offset, latitude, longitude, bearings and distances, slopes, feature codes, names, text and point IDs.
  • Provides easy to use Hot Keys and Shortcuts
  • Keeps your focus on the graphics area and keyboard and heavily reduces clicks and mouse movements
  • Controls the entire TBC product in an easy to setup and install configuration

Navigation and command execution is faster using the Stream Deck than using menus and Shortcuts that no-one can remember.


Users can quickly transition between work processes and easily find the primary or secondary commands that they need to use, all organized in a work process or work type sequence. 

Further customize the Stream Deck with additional profiles to support the use of other applications like Word, Excel, Websites, Social Media, and more.

Each key carries the correct command icon as well as text telling you which command will be executed making it easy to learn and follow.

Rock Deck Hot Key Access

The Rock Deck provides hot key access to all of the commands that you use to carry out your work process.

Each page of keys is dedicated to one of the major steps in the workflow.

  • Home – Managing your System
  • PDF & Image – Importing and Georeferencing PDFs and extracting linework
  • Data Prep – CAD Cleanup, Explodes, Layer Controls, Exports and Advanced Tools
  • Elevate – Elevating Data
  • Model – Creating Surface Models and Designing Slopes and Surfaces
  • Takeoff – Doing Takeoff Calcs and Reporting
  • Roads – Corridor Modeling
  • Plot – Creating Plot Sheets and Drawing Outputs
  • Utility Modeling and Takeoff
  • Photogrammetry and Point Cloud Processing
  • QA / QC processes
  • Field Operations
  • RPS Top Tools

On each page you will find all of the primary functions of the work process and quick access to all of the following, because these are often required no matter the work process you are executing.


All RPS Command Hot Keys are available on the Hot Key page making it an easy one-click process to improve speed and user experience.


One Click Processes


In addition you will also find:

  • OK / Enter and Esc / Cancel keys
  • RPS Keys – A custom data entry keyboard optimized for entry of coordinates, bearings, slopes along with all necessary keys for tabbing, back tabbing, numeric and alpha numeric entry, etc.

Rock Deck Product Configurations

Pricing is a one time purchase cost, all Rock Deck updates will be provided as they are released.

Available Now!

Elgato Stream Deck
Elgato Stream Deck XL Device
Rock Deck Configuration

Rock Deck Configuration

Rock Deck Combo
Rock Deck Combo
Rock Deck Corporate License

Rock Deck Corporate License


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