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RPS Tracker for Site Supervisors

As a site supervisor, you want to keep a track on your equipment, its activity, the bottlenecks and productivity issues affecting your projects.

You also want to track imported and exported materials, cuts and fills on site, hauls, cycles, loads, volumes of materials along with cycle times by route, operator or machine.

You want to keep a track of purchased / supplied material tickets, fuel tickets for On road vehicles and bulk fuel operations on site.

You also want to plan haul routes and expected cycles based on equipment mixes and to monitor machine / operator metrics like excavator bucket load cycles so that you can fine tune your operations.

Need something specific – RPS Tracker is designed with customization in mind. Our data structures are extremely flexible, and customized reporting is easy once we have captured the data. Many customizations have already been created e.g. connection of truck scales, ticketing automation, productivity to contract line item matching and more.

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