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September 10, 2023
We are pleased to announce the release of the Rockpile Solutions Command Library v5.91 for Trimble Business Center v5.90 and newer. Please note that there are now install packages for TBC v5.81 and earlier and TBC v5.90 and newer. The two versions are not cross compatible. For dual installation, both packages need to be installed.
RPS Command Library v5.81
For TBC v5.81 and Older
Download v5.81 commands here
Release Highlights
  • Full compatibility with TBC v5.81 and earlier versions
  • All current versions of commands
  • Provides “dual install” capability with TBC v5.90
Dual Installation instructions – Click Here
RPS Command Library v5.81 is compatible with TBC versions: v5.33, v5.41, v5.52, v5.6X, v5.7X, v5.8X
RPS Command Library v5.91
For TBC v5.90 and newer
Download v5.91 Commands here
Release Highlights
  • Full compatibility with TBC v5.90 and newer versions
  • New CAD Cleanup command
  • Enhanced Linestring by Station command
  • Updated RPS Menus
  • Unlicensed Command Menu
  • Context related Header Bar Commands in all commands
  • Numerous command enhancements
The RPS Command Library requires the following.
  • That you have a TBC License with either Advanced Survey (Perpetual) or Site & Field (Subscription) License.
  • That you have a Trimble ID for user authentication. Click Here to create a Trimble ID
To Install the RPS Command Library – Click Here for full installation guide
  • Close all instances of TBC and wait 30 seconds for TBC to release all commands.
  • Download the installation for your version of TBC (Look in Support – About to find the version that you are using)
  • Run the downloaded installation package and then restart TBC.
  • Run TMLStatus from the Tool Shed menu to check for and install command updates.
  • Close TBC and wait 30 seconds before restarting to complete your installation.


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Rockpile Solutions Commands

We have created over 90 Commands that increase the user’s capability, speed, & efficiency with the product. Our commands help engineers, contractors, takeoff & 3D modeling professionals save time and money by utilizing tools that focus on their workflows.

  • Licensed Commands – Over 70 licensed commands that streamline workflow and cut time spent working on site and road projects significantly.
  • Unlicensed Commands – Several unlicensed commands that any user can utilize every day.


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