Rockpile Solutions

RPS Tracker for Machine and
Truck Operators

Projects often take in house equipment and staff as well as a host of sub contract or rental equipment / staff, that is the nature of construction.

Having an easy / fast system that can be deployed in minutes in any machine that can capture production information reliably is key to the success of any Enterprise Software Solution.

The RPS Tracker Mobile software runs on a standard semi rugged tablet, that runs off the 12V power supply or ignition power of the equipment. It can be installed and configured to a specific piece of equipment, a specific operator and a specific set of instructions / routes to execute.

The software uses the internal sensors like Camera, GPS, Cellular and Wifi Connections, IMU (Vibration (operation On / Off) and motion (linear or rotational motion) to determine equipment state, location and activity.

Key Information Items Captured
The system economically captures the following productivity and production information for each piece of equipment in use:

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