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Our Commands make it easier and faster to work with Trimble Business Center

At Rockpile Solutions we believe that productivity and quality go together and that the only way to achieve that is through a combination of advanced product development, a commitment to training our users and providing the highest level of technical support available.

To that end we have created our product and service offerings to meet those objectives. We provide individual products and services, corporate programs and combination deals that give you the ability to purchase what you need – whether you are an individual, a small work group or a large distributed corporation.

Our Goal is Simple

To Develop Tools,  Methodologies and Techniques that Make you More Competitive through Increased Productivity and Quality of Output.

We are committed to helping you through advanced technical support and growing your users through advanced training programs.

RPS Command Library

Productivity gains of 30 to 50%

Our Users tell us that they see productivity gains of 30 to 50% in Data Prep, Modeling and Takeoff Workflows and automated / increased model quality through use of our commands, training and support programs – depending on work process.

Rockpile Solutions commands are written in TML (Trimble Macro Language) and look, feel and run like any native TBC command.

TML commands can do anything that TBC commands can do – they can generate reports, create database objects, create drawing elements, use the TBC computation engines for Least Squares, Volumes, Corridors, CAD etc.

The RPS Command Library can be quickly and easily installed using our installer package.

All commands have icons, tool tips, help and inbuilt video training to aid learning.

Full Service =
Maximum Value & Support

At Rockpile Solutions we believe strongly that a software product purchase of any kind, only provides full ROI when you have access to great support and training tools that aid and accelerate your learning. 
While we offer Toolboxes and Command Libraries independent of Support and Training, we know that you leave value on the table when you cannot call for support or rapidly access training, that puts the tools in a workflow context. 
Our Combo Deals and Corporate Portal Program for larger organizations provide the best value for money when you are looking for the fastest return on your investment through the provision of product, training and support services.

Single User / Small Groups

We act as an in house Power User just a phone call away

Modeling & Estimating Combo


All Tools Combo


10% Discount for 3-5 users

Corporate Portal Plans

All Tools, Training & Technical Support


5 users / per year
$2,100 / user
Additional Users Can Be
Added at Reduced Prices

Training & Technical Support


5 users / per year
6 – 10 Additional Users $475 / Year
11+ Users $395 / Year

Command Library FAQ's

To utilize the RPS Command Library of commands for Trimble Business Center (TBC), your TBC installation needs to meet the following minimum requirements:

  • Your TBC License can be a USB, Network or Subscription License (includes 10/30 day trial licenses)
  • Your TBC License must include the Survey Advanced Module (Survey Advanced Edition (USB/Network license) or Site and Field Data (Subscription License))
  • Your TBC License must be Version 5.30.3, 5.40.1, 5.50.2 or any 5.60.x, or higher of the product

The RPS Command Library License is not linked in any way to your TBC License

The RPS License is a web based software license that is linked to your email address

Your email address is generated using your Trimble ID to authenticate you as a user and to check your license status

You can use your Trimble ID on any TBC installation on any computer at any time (only one computer at any given time) to utilize your RPS Command Library license

You can have multiple seats on a single RPS License

The seats on the RPS License can be assigned to any email address in your email domain at any time (e.g. email addresses)

Your license includes our 3 Day Cruise Through and Off Line Working Ability – Allows you to work with no Internet, through poor connectivity for up to 3 days with no license check out

0-2 Users 0%

3-5 Users 10%

6-10 Users 20%

11+ Users 25%

Corporate Groups >25 Call For Pricing

When you purchase the RPS All Tools Command Library, you are guaranteed that all tools that are introduced during the subscription period are included in your package – regardless of which Toolbox (New or existing) they are placed in.

The RPS All Tools combo deals also include All Disciplines of Training (vs Single Discipline) and provide you with additional discounts. Our All Tools pricing also provides discounted rates on RPS Consulting Hours or other data services that you may need.

Yes – our Command Library incorporates 30+ commands that we provide unlicensed in partnership with Trimble.

Those commands are available on a specific menu that you can optionally enable / disable when you do / do not have an RPS Command Library.

Those commands provide valuable tools that aid your work and provide capabilities not available in the standard TBC application.

These commands give you a chance to try out TMLs and see how they work for you and can be an important step in your decision making process to go “All In” with Rockpile and purchase our Toolboxes or Command Library to maximize your productivity.

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What RPS Package(s) Best Suit Me?

Key User TypesKey Work Processes
TBC User
Drones &
Point Clouds
RPS Command Libraries
RPS All Tools Command Library
RPS Modeling & Estimating Command Library
RPS Toolboxes
RPS Data Prep Toolbox
RPS Modeling Toolbox
RPS Takeoff Toolbox
RPS Tool Shed Toolbox
Training Season Passes
TBC Fundamentals
TBC Takeoff for Estimators
TBC Data Prep & 3D Modeling
TBC Field Operations
Technical Support
Annual Technical Support for TBC
COMBO Deals (Tools, Training & Tech Support)
New User Combo
RPS All Tools Combo
RPS Modeling & Estimating Combo

RPS Command Libraries

The RPS Commands are packaged into two Command Libraries focused on our primary user types that provide a bundle price and multi seat discounts for 3 or more users.

Download RPS PDFs

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RPS Modeling & Estimating

RPS Modeling & Estimating includes all of the tools available today that can be used for Data Prep, Modeling, Takeoff, Reporting, Drafting and Drawing Creation

Designed for
  • Estimators doing Earthworks and Quantity Takeoffs
  • 3D Modelers building models for Machine Control / Survey
  • Generation of deliverables – Reports, Drawings and Digital Outputs
RPS All Tools
RPS All tools includes all of the tools available today and any new commands created or updated during your subscription period. 
Designed for 
  • Estimators doing Earthworks and Quantity Takeoffs
  • 3D Modelers building models for Machine Control / Survey
  • Generation of deliverables – Reports, Drawings and Digital Outputs
  • Field Operations including Point Cloud Processing (Drones / Scanners / Lidar)
  • Specialty Applications including Solar Farms, Drill & Blast
  • Managing Images, Design & Survey Surfaces for RPS Tracker
TBC New Users Package

Interested in learning the fundamentals of TBC but don’t want to fully commit yet?

This package provides Tech Support and TBC Fundamentals for a year and a 3 Month Trial of All Tools for $795.

At then end of the trial you can purchase All Tools for $985 or Modeling & Estimating for $785 for the remaining 9 months of the year subscription.

RPS Toolboxes

The RPS commands are also packaged into Toolboxes focused on major Work Processes executed / followed by our main user types.

RPS Data Prep Toolbox
The RPS Data Prep Tools focus on 
  • Managing layers and layer groups
  • Cleaning up and sorting imported CAD / Model data
  • Data entry methods for points and lines
  • Elevating and adjusting elevated linework
  • Making imported data usable for 3D modeling
  • Preparing data for field system use (Survey / Machine Control)
RPS Modeling Toolbox
The RPS Modeling Tools focus on
  • Surface modeling and manipulation
  • Alignment and Corridor / Road modeling
  • Surface and Sideslope / Trench / Footing modeling
  • Cross section modeling and takeoff processes
  • Slipform Paving Modeling (main line and Curb / Gutter)
  • Takeoff Digitizing, PDF Vector Extraction and Boring Log / Strata processes 
  • Boundary and Volume Management
  • Labeling, Drafting and Drawing Creation
  • Reporting
RPS Takeoff Toolbox
The RPS Takeoff Toolbox is a hybrid of the Data Prep and Modeling Toolboxes, that extracts key tools that are primarily used by the Takeoff user. The Tools focus on
  • Creating Layers and Layer Groups
  • Relayering data
  • Digitizing / Tracing Linework
  • PDF Vector Extraction
  • Joining Linework
RPS Tool Shed Toolbox
The RPS Tool Shed Toolbox contains our tools for specialist applications and workflows as well as the tools that support and manage data for the RPS Tracker application. The tools focus on
  • Point Cloud Processing & QA
  • Solar Farm Piling and Earthmoving Operations
  • Drill & Blast
  • RPS Tracker Data Management (Images, Surfaces, Map Layers)
  • RPS Command Library and System Support Tools

Product Suite For All
Project Execution Disciplines

From Project Takeoff to Project Delivery our Software Solutions help all of your project execution team members to work efficiently using a common data model and a suite of integrated processes.


Engaged in the bidding of project work. Our products help provide accurate estimates of Earthworks and Materials.

3D Modeler

Use our tools to Build accurate 3D Models for Machines (Machine Control) and Rovers (Survey / Site Positioning)

Field Operations

We assist you in fulfilling all of the data creation, data delivery, data retrieval, data analysis, reporting and drawing deliverable creation.

Project Manager

Monitor your project earthworks, material movement and scale / ticketing operations accurately in real time and track key cycle, load and quantity metrics for project areas and phases.

Site Supervisor

Manage your equipment fleet and operators to optimize production and eliminate bottlenecks, bunchups and improve operator / equipment productivity. Accurately track daily quantities of material moved, imported, exported or stockpiled.


Include your equipment operators (in house or subcontract operators) in the capture of accurate and meaningful productivity and production information.


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