Toolbox: RPST Takeoff

Productivity Tools for Takeoff Work Processes. Note that this Toolbox overlaps with the Data Prep and Modeling Toolboxes.

Menu Manager
Toggle between light and dark Mode menu color schemes
New Layer
Creates a new layer and layer group including takeoff properties
PDF Vectors
Extracts vectors from georeferenced PDF images on demand using automatic and manual process controls. Lines can be layered, joined and elevated in the process, eliminating multiple Takeoff steps and increasing productivity.
Allows rapid relayering of objects using a user specified list of layers
Show Line Direction
Show the direction of a selected line
Smart Join
Manual and fully automated join command that solves for gaps, overlaps, crossovers, intersections in a smart way, allowing for high productivity joining of disconnected CAD or PDF linework.
Takeoff Lines
Quickly draw or digitize 2D and 3D lines with a range of enhanced elevation, line node and close controls
Toolbar Manager
Utility that provides the ability to save out your custom toolbars and import them back into a different menu configuration