Toolbox: RPST Tool Shed

Tools for specialist exports and work processes including Solar Farm Piling, Drill & Blast, Point Cloud Processing

CIVRobotics Manager
Exports and emails stakeout point data to a selected CIVRobotics Staking Robot and imports As Staked points for reporting and QA purposes
Earthworks Website
Provides one click access and login to the RPS Earthworks Web Software
Earthworks Work Orders
The Earthworks command provides a direct connection to the RPS Earthworks web system that enables the publishing of Work Orders (Design and Existing Surfaces) plus map overlays (linework) and image overlays (aerial images and Cut Fill Maps).
Export HCSS
Exports an Alignment to the csv file format required by HCSS Plans
Face Analyzer
Analyze survey points or point clouds against 3D faces extracted from IFC, CAD Solid or Mesh objects. Create 3D Pin Cushion analysis, projected plane drawings and detailed statistics reports
Import Pile Plan
Customizable importer for spreadsheet data for Solar Farm Pile Plans and Piles to automatically create Pile design data ready for machine control or QA analysis.
Menu Manager
Toggle between light and dark Mode menu color schemes
Modify ASCII File
Utility to modify the contents of an Ascii file (csv, pts, xyz, ...) using formulas to alter columns of data
Pile Definition Manager
Provides ability to create user defined pile definitions for Solar Farm piling operations to be used with RPS piling command capabilities
Piling QA Report
Creates a multi tab excel report on all quality metrics for solar farm piling operations. Integrates pile designs with As Built Pile Results from machine data and as built survey information to analyze 6 quality metrics for every pile.
Point Cloud Processor
Processes Point Clouds to intelligently reduce the number of points in the point cloud using spatial analysis techniques that retain the integrity of the source data in the resulting point cloud scan. Inclusion and exclusion boundaries can be applied to eliminated unnecessary. Also creates surface(s) from the resulting data set that can also utilize the same boundary lines for inclusion / exclusion areas. Removes vegetation (Trees, Bushes, Shrubs and Grasses from Point Cloud Data to make clean usable surfaces for project quantities.
Polynomial Regrade
Compute polynomial best fit lines through points for regrading surfaces for solar farm array tables (Pre Piling)
Rename Drill Holes
Renames drill plan holes to accommodate user added and adjusted holes
Show Line Direction
Show the direction of a selected line
Toolbar Manager
Utility that provides the ability to save out your custom toolbars and import them back into a different menu configuration
Unreleased - Export IFC
Export TBC Objects in IFC format