Toolbox: RPST Modeling

Provides 3D Modeling Tools for Surfaces and Corridors as well as Reporting, Drafting and Data Output Generation Tools

Add Isopach
Computes a surcharge / overexcavation surface by adding a % of cut or fill depth to a selected surface. Can also be used to adjust a surface model to match grade at project limits or at other locations e.g. at bridge decks / abutments etc.
Combine Surfaces
Combine multiple non overlapping surfaces into a single surface
Corridor As Built Report
Creates a formatted Excel Spreadsheet report from measured 3D points aligned to specified station intervals against a line or alignment, sorted from Left to Right across the alignment where each column of data is a specified code and the value presented is the Delta Elevation between the measured point and the referenced surface elevation
Corridor Cut Sheet Report
Generates a Cut Sheet report in excel based on the selected corridor
Create Slope Indicators
Create slope indicator marks or "tadpole" symbols between top and toe of embankment strings
Create X-Lines
Generates section lines (XLines) and labels at key points and user defined locations along an alignment or corridor model. Can be used for Roads, Bridges, Walls and Buildings
Cut Fill Labels
Creates labels with Cut / Fill information at the specified locations
Define Extra Stations
Add extra station locations to corridors to improve models and reporting
Edit Alignment as Spreadsheet
Edit / Enter HAL/VAL alignment in a spreadsheet
Export HCSS
Exports an Alignment to the csv file format required by HCSS Plans
Extend Lines
Creates lead in and lead out line extensions to linestrings for stringless pavers
Extract Surface Features
Explodes surfaces into points and lines. Finds breaklines, drape lines, boundaries and feature linework within the TIN model to reverse engineer data out of basic TIN surfaces provided in LandXML or TTM surface formats.
Face Analyzer
Analyze survey points or point clouds against 3D faces extracted from IFC, CAD Solid or Mesh objects. Create 3D Pin Cushion analysis, projected plane drawings and detailed statistics reports
Geometric Selection
Selects and relayers data by geometric properties (length, aspect, nodes)
Import Boring Logs
Imports boring log data from a CSV file to create site (Takeoff) boring logs in order to rapidly build strata layers for earthworks quantity purposes.
Label Points
Create offset and cut/fill labels between selected points and a reference linestring or alignment
Menu Manager
Toggle between light and dark Mode menu color schemes
Exports selected objects in the Moss - GENIO file format
Multi Offset Lines
Template driven offset line generation tool. Creates multiple offset lines from multiple source lines based on template driven instructions accessed from your personal template library. Created linework can be placed on any number of layers and be automatically incorporated into any number of surfaces.
Moves lines a very small amount in order to prevent vertical surfaces
Offset Surface
Provides the ability to offset an entire surface or an area of a surface within a clipping boundary to create a new surface model. This is a quick and easy tool to create e.g. Topsoil Strip surfaces from an Existing Ground surface model.
Optimize Linestrings
Optimizes horizontal and vertical linestring data to create curvilinear lines and alignments for stringless paver applications
PDF Vectors
Extracts vectors from georeferenced PDF images on demand using automatic and manual process controls. Lines can be layered, joined and elevated in the process, eliminating multiple Takeoff steps and increasing productivity.
Permit Area Manager
Create and tabulate project permit areas and validate total open areas
Perpendicular Distance to Surface
Computes the perpendicular distance between points and a surface
Point Detail Report
Customizable detailed point reports including references to surface and alignment objects
RPS Copy to Clipboard
Copy TBC objects to the Windows Clipboard using our virtual VCL format for quick and easy transfer between projects in combination with the RPS Paste command. Create copies of sheet sets including all settings in the same project.
RPS Paste
Paste images into project from clipboard
Show Line Direction
Show the direction of a selected line
Slope Designer
Advanced tool for creating offset lines and sideslopes using combinations of slope, offset and delta elevation input or slope to target surface. Designed to provide manual or fully automated control and provide a great solution for both internal and external corner handling.
Station / Offset Points
Create points using station, offset and elevation inputs along a selected alignment
Surface Area by Slope Ranges
Computes cut/fill surface area for selected surfaces reported by slope ranges
Surface Intersection Linestring
Creates linestrings where the two given surfaces intersect
Surface to Points
Export surface vertices to a point cloud .xyz file
Takeoff Lines
Quickly draw or digitize 2D and 3D lines with a range of enhanced elevation, line node and close controls
Text Style IO
Utility that provides the ability to save your Text Styles to an external settings file and reimport them to a different project or project template.
Text Style Manager
Manages Text Styles providing the ability to define a Stroked Font (good for CAD Speed) and a True Type Font (higher quality drawing presentation) on each text style, allowing you to swap between Stroked and True Types whenever you want to. The Stroke Font width, oblique angle and character weight can also be modified to more closely match the True Type font definition.
Toolbar Manager
Utility that provides the ability to save out your custom toolbars and import them back into a different menu configuration
Unreleased - Label Lines
Label selected lines with names, slopes, lengths, elevations, stations, offsets, elevation deltas to a reference surface at intervals along the line or in relation to a selected reference line. Labels can be exported to machine files to assist operators on site. Labels can be staggered to avoid overwrite of text in graphics / CAD
View Filter Override
Apply override color, linestyle and lineweight to ByLayer objects on selected Layers in a specified view filter for plotting purposes
Volumes Manager
Create and manage boundaries, boundary collections and boundary groups. Compute and store volume calculations for later recall. Label and annotate drawings with volume labels and tables and generate volume reports for a variety of volumetric scenarios e.g. Stockpiles, Progress, Cut / Fill, Pay Quantities etc.