Toolbox: RPS Modeling

Provides 3D Modeling Tools for Surfaces and Corridors as well as Reporting and Output Generation Tools

Corridor Cut Sheet Report
Generates a Cut Sheet report in excel based on the selected corridor
Explode Surface
Explodes a surface model into points and dependent lines
Fix Surface Flags
Fixes surface model flags at crossing breaklines
Geometric Selection
Selects and relayers data by geometric properties (length, aspect, nodes)
Import Boring Logs
Imports boring log data from a CSV file to create site (Takeoff) boring logs in order to rapidly build strata layers for earthworks quantity purposes.
Menu Manager
Toggle between light and dark Mode menu color schemes
Moves lines a very small amount in order to prevent vertical surfaces
Perpendicular Distance to Surface
Computes the perpendicular distance between points and a surface
RPS Settings
Manage your global RPS command settings
RPS Utilities
Set of utilities functions used by other Rockpile Solutions commands
Show Line Direction
Show the direction of a selected line
Surface Area by Slope Ranges
Computes cut/fill surface area for selected surfaces reported by slope ranges
Surface Intersection Linestring
Creates linestrings where the two given surfaces intersect
Track and manage the installation and update of registered RPS commands
Command used to validate RPS Toolbox licenses
View Filter Override
Apply override color, linestyle and lineweight to ByLayer objects on selected Layers in a specified view filter for plotting purposes