Toolbox: RPST Data Prep

Provides CAD, Cleanup and Data Creation and Data Attribution Tools that prepare information for 3D Modeling and Takeoff

Adjust Linestring Elevation
Modifies the elevation of nodes / segments of a linestring
Affix Name
Applies and removes a prefix or suffix to the name of selected objects
Assign Name from Inside Text
Names closed lines using text objects that lie within the polygons area
CAD Cleanup
Tools for cleaning up project, especially after import from other CAD systems
Convert To Linestring
Convert CAD lines to linestrings. Option to remove UCS effect
Convert to MText
Converts the selected CAD text objects to multiline text objects
Crop Crossing Lines
Removes sections of selected lines that cross the cropping area
Elevate by Attribute
Elevate GIS data using it's elevation attribute
Layer Manager
Manage and rename layers and layer groups
Linestring by Station
Create a linestring from points sorted by alignment stationing
Lock Views
Lock two plan views for synchronous panning and zooming
Matrix Copy
Copies objects multiple times in a rectangular grid pattern
Menu Manager
Toggle between light and dark Mode menu color schemes
Name by Layer
Names selected objects using the objects layer name. Allows Linestyle, Line Weight and Line Color to be set from ByLayer properties
New Layer
Creates a new layer and layer group including takeoff properties
Place Aligned Blocks
Places blocks on points and orientates them to an alignment
Point Creator
Creates stakeout point data from linework and alignments for site and road projects
QA Lines
Provides the ability to display the slope direction, slope value, slope or horizontal length and bearing allowing you to instantly identify lines / pipes that are too steep, too shallow, flowing the wrong direction or that fall within defined tolerance ranges
Radial Points
Creates points using polar coordinate geometry
Radial Points (Script)
Creates points using scripted polar coordinate geometry
Allows rapid relayering of objects using a user specified list of layers
Remove Duplicates
Specify color, layer, position tolerance and text case parameters to identify duplicate text items and relayer or delete those identified as duplicates from imported CAD or vector PDF files.
Reverse Line
Reverses the direction of the specified line
Rotate the plan view based on an alignment, line, text object or simply rotate freehand for maximized screen use, faster and easier selections or simply to more easily read text in PDF images or CAD files. Reset to North Up when you want to return graphics to normal display mode.
RPS Explode Solids
Explodes IFC Shell Objects and 3D Faces into 3D linework on separate color top, bottom and near vertical surface element layers. Duplicate linework is also eliminated.
Show Line Direction
Show the direction of a selected line
Smart Copy
Create multiple copies of any objects quickly on the same or different layers, in 2D or 3D and in any view
Smart Join
Manual and fully automated join command that solves for gaps, overlaps, crossovers, intersections in a smart way, allowing for high productivity joining of disconnected CAD or PDF linework.
Station / Offset Points
Create points using station, offset and elevation inputs along a selected alignment
Toolbar Manager
Utility that provides the ability to save out your custom toolbars and import them back into a different menu configuration